Masala offers Naturally Tasty and Preservative-Free Food

It is important to eat healthy and nutritious diet for maintaining healthy lifestyle. However, many online food catering services use preservatives, color and ajinomoto to make food last longer and tasty. It is true food containing preservatives last longer and preserve flavors but when such food items eaten on a regular basis or in large quantity, they pose serious health risks.

Harmful Effects of Eating Preservative Rich Food

Preservatives, color and Ajinomoto are flavor enhancer and additives, which are used in a number food items. Some studies show that they are safe to consume while many others highlight the fact people experience health ailments like headache, nausea, weakness, chest pain, chest pain, obesity and hypertension to name a few after eating preservative rich food items. So, if you belong to health conscious community and looking for color-free, ajinomoto-free and and preservatives- free food items made with pesticide free vegetables, Masala would be your trusted food catering service provider in Hyderabad. People actually can enjoy natural taste of food here

Benefits of Eating Preservative-Free Food

Food items which are made from pesticide-free vegetables and do not contain any preservative are less-processed and contain ingredients like added sugars, trans fat, salt, etc., in a restricted quantity. By avoiding preservative rich food items, you are actually moving towards eating heart-healthy and naturally tasty diet. Many people think that food without ajinomoto and preservatives are tasteless. However, Masala has taken the initiative to make all food items in lunch and dinner without preservatives and color. Need not to mention, the food is healthy, hygienic and naturally tasty too.

We even value the fact that food without preservatives stay healthy for a short duration, thus we prepare limited quantity as per requirements.

Salient Features of Masala Food Catering Services in Hyderabad

Besides serving Ajinomoto-free, Chemical-free, Color-free and Pesticide-free food, Masala is famous in and around Hyderabad due to following reasons:

  • We serve two course meals where customers either can visit us and take advantage of take-away with numerous variety of items. We accept order placed via online medium also through Swiggy.
  • Food lovers will enjoy hordes of varieties both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like Andra Kodi Palov, Konaseema Kodi Roast biryanis to name a few. Even starters, chats and snacks are also available.
  • We entertain orders for small parties to large corporate functions. As per their food requirements, our food experts prepare food by selecting pesticide-free vegetables and natural aromatic spices, and serve it with love.

So, if at any point of time you are missing home-cooked food, visit our online food junction. We assure to offer delicious and healthy food at reasonable price range.